Camera angles 1:

Shot 2 Hallway - Kitchen

Shot 3 Kitchen To Book Room

Shot 4 Book zoom

Shot 5 Book Room to Dog Room

Shot 6 Stairs to Dog Room

Shot 7 Dog Room to Piano Room

Shot 8 Door to Piano

Shot 9 Aerial Piano

Shot 10 Piano Stairs

Shot 11 Canvas Stop Painting

Dog Dying facial reference

Flash style test

Music Test:

Music Composed by Lilly:

Voice - RAW Tests

Piano Recording 

Dynamics tests:
Some particle tests done by Amélie Lim, the Dynamics artist on Synesthesia:

 9/11/11 Dynamics Test of Stove and Flames:


Lighting Test:
Render Last shot Test by Arpit Achha

Piano Test

 Kitchen Scene Final Style render

 Occlusion render of Piano Scene

Piano Room Final Style Render

Camera Animation

20/11/11 Dog room test

Reading Room test

Piano Tests

Flame Tests

Smoke tests done by Amélie Lim

2D Credits test by Chris Fry

3D Credits test by Chris Fry

Alex Rig Test:

Hair Test - Maya 2013 nCloth -
The only problem with using nCloth in Maya 2013, would be the render time, it works amazing in real-time hair simulation but I don't think we can use it. Started using a plugin called Haircut and shave.

Turn Table 

Camera angles 2:

1st Shot Hallway Camera Animated

Piano Scene Tests

Particles colliding with object


Slower Particles

Multistreak colours

Piano Tests

Particle Field



With Object